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Investing in Early Educators

Stipend Program

Appeals Process

The Office for the Advancement of Early Care and Education has instituted an appeals process for applicants who believe that they were disqualified from the Stipend Program in error or, if upon receiving their stipend, believe that there is an error in payment.  Disqualified applicants may submit a letter of appeal in writing.

For letters of appeal regarding incorrect payment:  do not cash or deposit the check; rather hold it until the matter is resolved.

An appeal is not the time to submit new information or supporting documents that were not included with the application or verification forms by the respective due dates.  Rather, it is an opportunity to prove that the application or verification was complete, included the required supporting documents, was submitted by the due date, and the applicant met the eligibility criteria based on their original application.

The letter of appeal must include the following information:

  • Date the appeal letter is written
  • Applicant’s full name and social security number (SSN) as written on the application
  • Reference to the reason for disqualification as written in the letter received from the Office for the Advancement of Early Care and Education
  • A brief description of why the applicant thinks the decision to disqualify the application is incorrect
  • A telephone number for contacting the applicant, as needed
  • A copy of the application and supporting documents as submitted by the due date
  • A copy of the receipt provided when the application was submitted in person or a copy of the certified mail receipt

To download a sample letter of appeal, click on the link below.  The sample letter of appeal is provided to help guide you as you create your own letter.

Sample Letter of Appeal

Applicants should make a copy of the letter of appeal and supporting documents for their records.  The schedule for submitting letters of appeal are listed in the Schedule for Stipend Program.  Letters of appeal with supporting documents are to be submitted by U.S. Mail to:

Investing in Early Educators Stipend Program – Cycle 19
Office for the Advancement of Early Care and Education, SIB/CEO
County of Los Angeles
222 South Hill Street, 5th Floor
Los Angeles, CA  90012

The Office for the Advancement of Early Care and Education management team reviews appeals, including review of the original application. Decisions to grant or not grant the appeal, based on whether the applicant met the application requirements and deadlines, are made within two (2) weeks of receipt of the letter of appeal.  The applicant will be notified of the decision by U.S. mail.  ALL DECISIONS ARE FINAL.

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